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Every home and business is looking a method to reduce rising utility costs.
HVAC Smart Chip is a tested and verified solution for both cooling and heating needs. The product has been designed to work with all makes and models of Thermostats and air Handlers from small residential units to large roof top units.
CWS would like to invite companies who are looking to offer their existing clients or potential clients a solution to help reduce energy use and save money every month.

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How does HVAC Smart Chip Help the Environment?

Power plants are used to create electricity and power plants produce 41% of the greenhouse gasses in the US. According to a Pacific Gas and Electric study, if most of the A/C systems in California alone had a 5% increase in efficiency, the state could save the equivalent energy of four 300MW power plants.
The emission from four coal power plants is about 2,500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide PER HOUR. Hvac Smart Chip can increase the efficiency of your A/C system by much more than 5%, so conservatively, Hvac Smart Chip could keep 5,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per hour. This is just in California. Hvac Smart Chip will work in anywhere in the world that has a 24 volt thermostat.

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