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How Does HVAC SMART CHIP Save You Money?

First, you already paid to cool the big block of metal called the evaporator coil. Keeping the fan on extracts this extra coolness that would have been wasted! Secondly, water in the air condenses on the evaporator coil much like water condenses on a glass of ice water. Normally, this water drains away. It cost you money to pull this water out of the air! Running the fan re-evaporates this water and cools the building like an energy efficient evaporative cooler.

Air conditioning Savings
between 16% & 25%

Heating savings
between 12% & 18%

15 minute installation

How Does HVAC Smart Chip Save Energy In Cooling Mode?

The HVAC SMART CHIP adjusts the indoor fan to stay on for an exact measured period of time after the cooling unit cycles off. It calculates how long the cooling or heat unit was running and automatically programs the fan to remain on until all of the cold air left in the ducts has been removed. While some manufactures have the fan run for 90 seconds after the A/C compressor turns off, it recently has been tested and proven that extending the period of time the fan remains on yields better energy efficiency on an average of 14.8%. The extended fan time reduces the amount of times the A/C compressor or furnace cycles on which are one of the highest energy guzzlers in both commercial and residential dwellings.

How Does HVAC Smart Chip Save On My Heating

In heating mode, the HVAC Smart Chip activates the furnace fan at the end of the gas combustion cycle to stay on longer. Most furnaces from HVAC manufactures program the fan for a limited amount of run time usually less than ninety (90) seconds at the end of combustion cycle to cool down the heat. This time is to lower the temperature of the combustion chamber to a safe level and to prevent metal fatigue from rapid expansion and contraction. There is additional heat that can be used to warm your home or business left in the system. Tests have shown by extending the fan for a predetermined period of time which is based on how longer the furnace runs extracts additional heat that would have normally have been wasted. By programming the furnace fan to run longer results in the furnace cycling less often thus saves thousands of dollars in energy costs.


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